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AirTouch Colorist Tray Set Limited Edition


AirTouch Magnetic Tray Set for hair professionals. 

21 x 21" magnetic worktop with the maximum workload of 12 lbs,
• Black finish, metal connecting tube allows to adjust tray height from 31" to 41",
• Black finish, custom-designed base equipped with the roller-blade quality rubber wheels for smooth and easy maneuvering,
• 4-piece Black Ring Set makes it ready for almost any conventional blow dryer as well as an expanding range of the Magnetic Colorist Tray accessories.

Accessories included: 
• AirTouch Colorist Board, 
• Two Black Magnetic Bowls, 
• Black B Holder for Colorist Board & Foil, 
• Black D Holder for Dyson® blow dryers, 
• X Holder for hair extensions, magnets preinstalled, 
• Black Silicone Cup, 
• Brake wheels, set of two. 

Additional accessories available, sold separately: 
• Magnetic Bowl in Gray, Purple & Magenta
• B Holder for Colorist Board & Foil in Purple
• D Holder for Dyson® blow dryers in Purple
• Cup in Purple
• Ring Set in Purple

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