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Supreme Barber Tray Set

Supreme Barber Tray Set

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Supreme Magnetic Barber Tray Set for hair professionals. 

21 x 21" magnetic worktop with the maximum workload of 12 lbs, 
• Black finish, metal connecting tube allows to adjust tray height from 31" to 41", 
• Black finish, custom-designed base equipped with the roller-blade quality rubber wheels for smooth and easy maneuvering, 
• 4-piece Black Ring Set makes it ready for almost any conventional blow dryer as well as an expanding range of the Magnetic Colorist Tray accessories. 

Accessories included: 
• Carbon Black Colorist Board, 
• Two Black Magnetic Bowls, 
• B Holder for Colorist Board & Foil, 
• Black Silicone Cup, 
• Brake wheels, set of two, 
• BARBARUSSA Hair Brush 1904 Extra-small. 

BARBARUSSA features: 
Hairbrush for daily beard and mustached combing. Ultra flexible nylon bristles of different length provide comfortable combing of wet and dry hair. Long bristles help to detangle the hair, short ones thoroughly massage the skin. Biotechnological bristles, enriched by Moroccan argan oil and keratine, yield extra care. The bristle tips, equipped with the protective balls, ensure a gentle massage without traumatizing the scalp. 
The hairbrush bode made of the natural wood. 

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